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Inspiration: The Palm Springs Collection

I absolutely love working on seasonal collections, and one of my favorite things about creating a new set of cute accessories is gathering inspiration before I get started. I'm really excited for this one too. I made a trip to Palm Springs a few years ago for a friends bachelorette party, and it definitely fulfilled my expectations, and then some. I can't wait to head back someday soon.

My main starting inspiration for the collection is obviously color. Fresh, vibrant, with plenty of pink, and touches of both rich and soft green. Sprinkle in some coral, yellow, and aqua, with fun black and white pattern play.

I can't wait to share the finished products with you guys, so keep your eyes peeled for The Palm Springs Collection coming soon.

xo - Emily

Hello, I'm Emily, founder and maker for Hazel & Ollie. On this blog you'll find  sneak peeks of new collections, inspiration for kiddos, and personal stories about me and my family. All of these are the inspiration behind my business, and I can't wait to share them all with you! 

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